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TL;DR: Gapla is a country, with territory across the globe, most notably in a piece of terra nullius (unclaimed land) in Europe.

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten questions asked by aspiring citizens.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gapla?

Gapla, officially the Federated States of Gapla, is a country founded on 28 February 2019 by Wyatt Baek. It’s more properly referred to as a project to create a new country. After first declaring independence from the United States (you can read why below), we’ve found a loophole in international law as well as the texts of some South American Antarctic claims that allows us to claim a piece of Antarctica, further justifying our sovereignty. In addition, we’ve found terra nullius in Europe (land that was unclaimed by any other micronation or macronation), which we’re now transitioning to be our main territory and eventual goal for territory.

Our project’s goal is to create a community of like-minded people working together to create and operate our newborn sovereign state. With over 300 citizens, our own banknotes, coins, flags, medals, stamps, and more; we’re a professional community that’s exciting to contribute to. Eventually, however, full, recognized statehood is the goal with territory in the terra nullius we found.

We’ve also been a delegate at MicroCon 2022, a meeting of micronations.

Is Gapla a real country?

The short answer is yes. The Federated States of Gapla has territory, therefore it is a sovereign state. Recognition is irrelevant here and does not dictate the fact of statehood.

The Federated States of Gapla controls or otherwise have justified claims pursuant to international law, and is a sovereign state irrespective of recognition status. Our country is also recognized by Taiwan, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

How many citizens does Gapla have?

We have a little over 300 confirmed citizens. We’re hoping to reach 350 soon! Help us by applying for citizenship: it’s one of the best ways to start your journey to contribute to our nation.

How did Gapla get land?

There are two ways we acquire land. The first being the donations of citizens’ houses that agree with us (they control their houses as territory), and the second being rural land.

The second is a little more complicated.

We have acquired the land where we claimed the portion of the land that the United States was not using, and we sent them a notification that we would like the land for Gapla, and they have responded positively.

In addition, we have claimed a portion of Antarctica that was allowed for us to claim with a loophole in international law and the claim texts of South American countries. This claim does not overlap with other projects such as Westarctica.

Finally, we have claimed a small piece of terra nullius in which we were the original claimants of (including micronations) in Europe. This is starting to transition as our main territory and goal for settlement.

Who founded Gapla?

Gapla was founded by Wyatt Baek, who was the former President and is currently the Sovereign Prince, the sovereign on Earth.

Gapla, however, is a democracy, and the following are some notable people in government:

  • President Emma Bunnell (head of government)
  • Deputy President Chelsea Chen
  • Prime Minister Wyatt Baek
  • Leader of the Opposition Mirabelle Wang

Why isn’t Gapla a member of the United Nations?

We aren’t a member of the United Nations because we never applied for membership.

We didn’t apply for membership because we didn’t agree with the United Nations on many aspects. We believe it is now a mostly corrupt organization that does not recognize the freedom of smaller nations such as us.

Why did Gapla declare independence?

Gapla declared independence because of disagreement with the United States’ morals.

For example:

The Electoral College, where it is possible for one to not obtain many votes and still become president,

Congress, in which small states are nearly x3 as represented as big states,

The Control of COVID-19, in which the President Donald Trump acted like it was not a big deal, (the majority of the population elected Hillary Clinton. This is not a conspiracy theory, even the U.S. itself admits it, it is through the Electoral College)

Age Discrimination, in which people under 18 are ineligible to become adults however their maturity. This may be controversial, but look at it like this.

You have probably seen the case where a woman tackled a child for a cellphone that she thought was hers. The full story is that when the woman asked the child if it was hers, the child pulled out the phone, wanting to prove that the phone was indeed his. His father came up and said that you are suspecting my son because of race, and he told the child that he does not need to prove it.

After that, the woman became mad and tackled the child. Of course, the woman was guilty, but the father was partially guilty. Who was most mature, responsible, and reasonable? The teen. Who has voting rights? The two adults.

The Education System, in which children are placed in grade levels by their age, regardless of their ability.

and so many more things that we just couldn’t stand.

How do I become a citizen?

You can start the easy, fast, and free process here: apply for citizenship.

Does Gapla offer an Ambassadors program?

Yes, but only through the countries that recognize us and meet a certain criteria. Contact ambassadors@gaplagov.org to learn more.

In other countries, you can be an honorary ambassador, where you help Gapla by inviting others to Gapla. You will bepaid Gapla Dollars for this. Contact ambassadors@gaplagov.org to learn more.

Finally, if you’re still interested, you can visit our Ambassadors page, but note that it requires a very heavy contribution and dedication to Gapla.

Can I become a noble, royal, or knight of Gapla?

Yes! You can buy a title for a very low price through our Shop or contacting us at titles@gaplagov.org. Please contact that email if the Shop is not working or has any errors.

However, Knighthoods are usually not sold, but feel free to contact us at knighthoods@gaplagov.org for information on that, we might just have one on sale! Otherwise, you can earn them through service to Gapla.