Government Branding

Learn about the branding of our ministries, offices, and our official standards.

For national symbols, see the National Symbols page.

Meanings of Side Colors

The following is a list of the meanings of side colors of government logos.

  • Navy Blue = Ministries
  • Burgundy = Bureaus (excluding Independent Bureaus)
  • Gold = Independent Bureaus
  • Dark Green = Organs or Units of the Military
  • Turquoise = Organs of the Courts

The side color of the National Assembly’s logo is determined by the main party in government.

Logos of Ministries

Logos of Bureaus

The Intelligence Agency of the Gaplan Federation is an independent bureau, meaning that it operates outside of Gaplan legal structure.

Logos of Other Government Organs

Seals of Offices

Note: the Office of the Sovereign Prince is an informal office and therefore does not have a seal.

Official Standards