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The Federated States of Gapla was inspired from the Principality of Sealand, which the founder found out after a school project on nations with disputed sovereignty. After browsing through the website, he was quite interested, and – after being interested in creating his own nation, but not knowing how to – declared the now-defunct Principality of Gapla (the predecessor state of the Federated States of Gapla).Gapla’s original Coat of Arms, during the Principality of Gapla era.

Before, the founder did have a micronation (although he didn’t realize it was a micronation, as he didn’t know what it was) called the United Republics of Gapla and Phoenix, which was founded in 2015 with no government or laws, however, it did have a flag, I.D. card (drawn from crayons), and a territory, a “secret base” located in Cypress Village Elementary School.

Early Gapla

Founding days (March 2019 – April 2019)

Gapla soon captured interest inside the classroom it was founded in. The founder of the FSG asked two of his closest friends to create their own principalities – the Principality of Snake, and the Principality of Phoenix. At this time, they were independent and not part of the Principailty of Gapla.

However, two friends, Emma Bunnell and Tessa Huffmire, wanted to create their own principality – the Principality of Emeralkia. The United Micronations (the group that contained all of the principalities) did not admit Emeralkia, refusing to recognize it due to a concern that there would be too many principalities and the value of a principality would become pointless.

Emma and Tessa, however, were determined to create their own principality, and the United Micronations was dissolved in favor of a unified Gapla, with Emeralkia, Snake, and Phoenix being states.

The growth of the nation (April 2019 – July 2019)

The principality was popular amongst the local area (the community of Woodbridge in Irvine, CA), and it had expanded to fourteen member states with a population of nearly 100 people. The Principality of Gapla later was renamed to the Federated States of Gapla.

During this period, the Federated States of Gapla worked on creating websites, diplomatic ties amongst the members of the Micronations Fandom community, joining intermicronational unions, and gaining citizenship. It created a website, Coat of Arms, and formalized its territorial claims and independence from the United States of America.

A string quartet and Google Hangouts chat were made, with regular meetings on school property.A photo of Michael Hubbard.

Gaplan Revolution (July 2019 – October 2019)

The Gaplan Revolution was a result of Michael Hubbard banning the Federated States of Gapla in his classroom simply for the reason that he thought it was “dumb.” Due to this, Gaplan citizens were not happy and protested this change. While disciplinary action was taken, and the Federated States of Gapla was not allowed to operate on school property, it still very overtly continued to exist and have meetings.

While Hubbard warned that any continuation of the FSG would result in discipline, no action was taken.

Post-revolution Gapla (October 2019 – January 2020)

After the revolution, the FSG continued to hold meetings and advance its territorial claims by adding new states into the union.

Pegasus, Musicland, Kingdom City, and Asmiland were created during this period. Although the MicroWiki page was created during the Gaplan Revolution, it became an active source of information during the Post-revolution Gapla period, when Gapla was beginning the switch from Micronations Fandom to MicroWiki.

Gaplan Renaissance

Ozzah and Xadia days (January 2020 – March 2020)

During January, two powers, Ozzah and Xadia (officially New Xadia), rose up and created their own interstatal alliances. Xadia was made up mostly by many of Aditya’s puppets, which barely had any activity. After the Xadian collapse, many of these states remained states. Two examples of these states that still exist today are Destruction and Cloudland.

Similarly, Ozzah collected allies through their “friendship circle.” During the election in February, Xadia had its leader, Aditya, and Ozzah had Emma of Emeralkia to represent their state. After an extremely close victory by Emma during the Deputy Presidential election (who was, just a setup to pass it to Irene, because Irene was powerful, yet not popular within the general public), Aditya stopped being active and the state of Xadia basically collapsed – however, it is still in existance today.

Decline of Ozzah

The State of Ozzah declined after it fell in the interstate rankings of the 2nd session. Because of this, the founders of Ozzah blamed Gapla for being a “toxic community” – no reasons are known, other than that their state fell in the interstate competitions during March 2020.

Another possible reason for this quit was that the President and the then-Vice President, Irene Kim, one of the founders of Ozzah, did not get along during office. Constant arguments between the two leaders eventually caused her to resign, to be replaced by Chelsea Chen.

Coronavirus strikes (March 2020 – July 2020)

During March 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19 pandemic) struck in the school that Gapla was located in, and it was closed. Due to this, the FSG actually became more active, finally creating a Discord server and having bi-weekly meetings on Google Meet, and then Zoom after it was authorized by the Executive Council. Previously, the council used Google Meet due to security concerns with the Chinese-owned Zoom.

During this period, the focus was mainly on Elemental, which Snake was the main contester of, which was slowly growing its empire and having a monopoly on interstate sessions until the resurgence of Folia Tail in July.

Aquisition of Mogollon

Also during this period, the State of Mogollon joined, giving Gapla’s first piece of land that was not a house, previously located in the American state of Arizona. This was a significant addition to Gapla’s territory. To this day, there are only two territories that are not houses: the Kingdom of Gaplan Antarctica, and the State of Mogollon.

Mogollon was aquired from Eovnia Pual, who transferred her territory in her Elysiumite province to Mogollon.The flag of Folia Tail.

Resurgence of Folia Tail (July 2020 – November 2020)

During July 2020, delegates from Chickenopolis (the former name of Folia Tail) messaged the government, asking for a “way for Chickenopolis to be active again.” This began the start of the resurgence of the State of Folia Tail as a major power. Soon after, the state reformed and changed its name to “Delsgade,” and garnered allies that felt betrayed by Xadia and Musicland to build an empire against Elemental. This, however, was ignored by Chelsea Chen, who thought it was a joke, and that it would never overturn the Socialist Elementalian Federation.

However, as former Xadian states joined, and even Musicland and Xadia themselves, the Delsgadian Confederacy had successfully defeated the Elementalian Federation in the interstate sessions. Elemental started a response to this, by taking some of Delsgade’s allies and gaining the formerly powerful Emeralkia as a puppet state.

Near the end of the resurgence, Delsgade changed its name to Folia Tail, reforming as an empire.

Another minor event is that during this period, the Federated States of Gapla switched from free to paid hosting and renovated a new website.

Modern era

Second Christmas days (November 2020 – February 2021)

The first half of the Second Christmas Days consisted of the adjustment to the competition between Folia Tail and Elemental. During this period, like the name, Gapla celebrated its second Christmas since independence. Another event is that Folia Tail was dominant during this period, however, later, Elemental became more dominant consistently, but not to an extent of a monopoly.

The second half consisted of a new era for Gapla – sales in titles and Gapla Dollars increased dramatically due to the growing popularity of Gapla and the demand for these items. Gapla’s economy soared, and the country had enough money to fund flags, crowns, government seal stamps, new graphic designs, better paper, branded stationery, and more.

Advance of the session (February 2021 – June 2021)

During the advance, the FSG started actually applying the purchases it bought in the Second Christmas days, as well as creating a new currency design backed by gold. Mainly, this consisted of Elemental and Folia Tail (and their allies) going into a Zoom meeting every day to argue and conduct the interstate sesssions, so sessions constructed during this period were extremely active, however, were dominated by Elemental.

However, during the end of this session, the Folian government started devising a plan to become the dominant competitor in the interstate sessions.

Colonial ages (June 2021 – October 2021)

One of the schools Gapla has “colonized.” Schools are colonized by having a substantial amount of students that are Gaplan citizens in a school.

The colonial ages was the start of the rise of Folia Tail which surpassed elemental in September 2021. During this period, Folia Tail strategically planned the “fire dragon’s return” and the “water dragon’s return,” and the state government released a statement that said that the dragons mentioned were literal, that they shoot fire, and that they will destroy Elemental.

However, it was discovered that this was used for secrecy reasons, and the actual plan was to discuss Folia Tail’s plans without leaking it to Elemental, and for Elemental to completely ignore it as a joke. This seems to have worked, as Folia Tail has completed its plan and have successfully been narrowly declared as the session leader.

The colonial ages were also a start of an era where Gaplan states collected schools throughout school districts, including the famous Orange County School of the Arts. Dozens of schools across a few school districts have been “colonized.”

Second rise of Emeralkia (October 2021 – November 2021)

During this period, the Grand Kingdom of Emeralkia broke away from Elemental’s alliance, leading to a dramatic decrease in Elemental’s strength, as Elemental has allocated a lot of its resources to the Grand Kingdom of Emeralkia. This was a result of Tessa Huffmire wanting to be out of the Elementalian Federation and to create a new independent Grand Kingdom of Emeralkia. After its rise, containment of allies, and victory over Folia Tail in the 9th session, it has become a leading power in the FSG and is considered to be a “major power” along with Elemental and Folia Tail.

Although Elemental has been damaged by the GKE’s independence, Elemental has regained strength through its lands acquired through verification, and is predicted to continue being a major power, although Folian news networks falsely stated that the Federation had dissolved.


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