National Assembly

Information about the National Assembly, its compositions, and its recent bills.

The National Assembly is Gapla’s legislature.

The assembly is elected through party primaries and by closed party list proportional representation (PLPR).
Currently, the government is composed of the Free Rightist Party and the AMASH Party, who control 8 seats. The opposition, composed of the Socialist Republic Party and the People’s Liberal Party, control 3 seats. There is one independent seat for a total of 12 seats in the National Assembly.

List of Members of the National Assembly

All titled members are in the Federation Council, the upper house. All others are in the Lower House, although the assembly is de facto unicameral as it votes together in non-emergency situations.

Free Rightist Party (6): Emma Margaret Bunnell (President), Renaldo Chang (Speaker), Wyatt Seungri Baek, Scott Chiang, Shaun Madillo*, Ernest Escoto
AMASH Party (2): Diti Patel, Gabriel Itchez*

Socialist Republic Party (2): Connor Hetner (Leader of the Opposition), Nicolas Caetano Wiedemann
People’s Liberal Party (1): Chelsea Ashley Chen (Deputy President)

Ellen Jihwan An

*Uses a pseudonym inside Gapla

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