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The Gaplan monarchy is an important aspect of Gaplan culture and tradition, and also serves as a vehicle to raise funds of the state to keep it continuing.

Some information about our monarchy

As our community on MicroWiki concisely writes,

The Monarchy of Gapla consists of a largely ceremonial program managed by the Royal Title Service as an initiative to raise money for Gapla.

Combined with several other efforts, Gapla has successfully remained tax-free with a gross income of over $1,000 U.S. dollars. The current monarch is Sovereign Prince Wyatt I, the Prince of Gaplastovia, and the office of the heir apparent is undergoing a competition, with the victor of the last competition being Grand Princess Chelsea Chen II.

The monarchy mainly has the power to reorganize itself, manage the funds of the Royal Title Service, represent Gapla as its head of state, and issue and revoke most of the awards and decorations of Gapla. Other than that, however, the monarchy does not have much significant power, as Gapla is a representative democracy.

Even while these titles are ceremonial, many activists of the Gaplan far-left, including the Democratic Revolution Party, have proposed that Gapla stop collecting any funds, become a nonprofit (from the current not-for-profit status), and abolish the Royal Title Service. Others state that the Royal Title Service has opened up the avenue for Gapla to earn money, not tax its citizens, and keep improving the country.

from MicroWiki (Monarchy of Gapla)

Our monarchy is made up of the four princes and princesses (two of each) of the princely dominions, the four leading dominions of Gapla (Gaplastovia, Emeralkia, Elemental, and Folia Tail), several dukes and duchesses (either of dominions in their own right, autonomous subdivisions, or ceremoniously), and then our nobility. The Prince of Gaplastovia serves as the Sovereign Prince while New Gaplastovia is the capital.

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