List of Nobles

Read the official version of Gapla’s line of succession.

Gapla’s nobility is one aspect of the Gaplan monarchy.

Nobles are people who have either greatly contributed to Gapla or have made a financial contribution to keep the country and its activities ongoing.

List of nobles

The following is a list of nobles who have opted in to publish their name.
The majority of nobles, especially ones that obtained the title through a monetary contribution, have not cleared their name for publication.

HRM Wyatt, Prince of Gaplastovia (the Sovereign Prince)
HRH Chelsea, Princess of Elemental
HRH Renaldo, Prince of Folia Tail
HRH Emma, Princess of Emeralkia

His Grace Brighton, Duke of Brighton Beach
Her Grace Mirabelle, Duchess of Phoenix
His Grace Connor, Duke of Cristus
His Grace Shaun, Duke of Unionland
Her Grace Tessa, Duchess of Unionland
Her Grace Eovnia, Duchess of Mogollon

The Rt. Hon. Bright Li, Marquess of Musicland
The Rt. Hon. Anthony Tatsuta, Marquess of Sweet Falls
The Rt. Hon. Vera Sy, Marchioness of Syopolis
The Rt. Hon. Serena Ali, Marchioness of Kingdom City

The Rt. Hon. Grace Tan, Countess of Daisy
The Hon. Maher Kheder, Baron of Territoria
The Hon. Ian Jia, Baron of Painaris
The Hon. Nicolas Wiedemann, Baron of Elemental
The Hon. Asmi Aggarwal, Baroness of Asmiland

The heraldic crowns of the nobles

When a noble title is obtained, a heraldic crown is eligible for use on a Coat of Arms. The following is a graphic displaying the heraldic crowns of the nobles, as revised by the King of Arms Christopher Ramsay, August 2023.

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