Here is a list of platforms that you can download Gapla on.


Our desktop application supports Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Unfortunately, Chrome OS does not support our app, but ChromeOS users can use the GaplaPlus extension as an alternative.

Unarchived Size: apprx. 300 MB.

Note: The Desktop application may be a little slow, please allow up to 5 seconds for it to load.


Our Mobile app supports iOS and Android. Unfortunately, you will need to use Thunkable to download the app.

Download Instructions:


Our new Browser Extension supports Chromium browsers and Firefox-based browsers.

Download for Chromium-based Browsers:
Includes Chrome, Edge, Brave, Opera, Wexond, Maxthon, Vivaldi, and Comodo Fire Dragon

Download for Firefox-based Browsers:
Includes Firefox, Comodo Ice Dragon, and TOR