The Federated States of Gapla is not for profit. We are to create a better nation for all. We have reached our funding goal and are fully funded for the forseeable future, so therefore we are not opening our shop to reduce unnessesary flows of money, abusing our goal and purpose. We’ll reopen as soon as we need more money or some time passes. Thank you! If you have any urgent requests, or if you would like to purchase anyway for a special reason, please email

Titles of Nobility (Starting at $4.99)

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From left to right: Baron and Baroness; Earl and Laflet; Duke and Duchess

Note: the titles will be delivered by PDF, so some components will not be in the pack. To compensate for this, we are adding an item into the pack. Each pack will contain a Verification Certificate.

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Gapla Dollars (Starting at $0.99, Cryptocurrency)

You’ll be rich in Gapla!

  • 20 Gapla Dollars = approx. 1,000 WPI
  • 100 Gapla Dollars = approx. 5,000 WPI
  • 200 Gapla Dollars = approx. 10,000 WPI
  • 500 Gapla Dollars = approx. 25,000 WPI
  • 1,000 Gapla Dollars = approx. 50,000 WPI

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Souveniers (Starting at $0.49)

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Gapla Pins ($1.99 USD each)

Gapla Postcards ($0.49 USD each)

Shipping (For Souveniers)

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