Basic Goods


Buy the official postcard of Gapla. Set of 5. Pin not included. 

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Show off your support with a stunning Gapla pin. Set of 2. Postcard not included.

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Post-it Notes

Get our official, branded post-it notes.


Get our official academic planner for the school year: it’s filled with motivational stickers, date pages, and more.


Want to go classic and get some stickers? Get a sheet of these twenty Coat of Arms stickers.


Perfect for placing on your fridge, these magnets are emblazoned with your Coat of Arms.

Patriot Set

Be a patriotic Gaplan and buy two pins, five postcard, and three letterheads (one with a letter from the Crown Prince) for a very cheap price!

This is a set of great value and is expected to sell out soon.

Your Name

Introducing the New Passport: an all new third revision

With a shiny cover and a linen backing and protective tape, this passport is a beauty, and you’ll love holding the 16-page booklet around. It’s extremely lightweight, compact, and is pre-stamped by Government Authorities with the “GovGP Document Control” dating stamp.

This passport is just $4.99 for all citizens of the Federated States of Gapla.

Name on Passport
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Read the epic story of Gapla

Gapla, a Nation Made by Children is the epic story of the Federated States of Gapla and its foundations: its battle for independence and freedom.

Read the official entertaining and epic story written by the founder.

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