2024 Sovereign Search

Nominate an individual in the 2024 Sovereign Search.

After Sovereign Prince Wyatt I stepped down from the position of Sovereign Prince on 28 February 2024, the Government has began a search for a ceremonial Sovereign Prince or Princess. Note that this position does not entail any government powers or responsibilities, as it is only a ceremonial position. Royal duties are optional, and if done, compensation (either in the form of a salary or another method) can be negotiated.

Please fill in the form below to nominate yourself or someone else to be the next Sovereign Prince or Princess of Gapla. While they do not need to be actively involved in Gapla, or even Gaplan citizens (they should apply if they are approved), experience in Gapla or the monarchy is considered but not a requirement.

Check the email you put on this form regularly. We may need more information, or we may notify you that we have selected a candidate.