This is a list of State Websites.

You can view a list of states, provisional states, and territories here.

Finished Websites

Full States

Provisional States

Work in Progress

Full States

Note: Full States can have a website created by the Government for free. Or, they could create one themselves.

  • Phoenix
  • Daisy
  • Musicland
  • Sweet Falls

And here are the pending websites:

  • Mogollon (pending)

Information on Provisional States

Provisional States can create a website and the Government will link it to a subdomain if they decide to. However, the National Government will not make a website for these states.

These provisional states:

  • Great Gryffin
  • Xadia

have not yet created a website and are highly encouraged to.

Information on Territories

Territories are not entitled to websites of their own.

If they create one, it will be unofficial and will not be linked.