Our Story

Learn about Gapla’s story and how we came to be.

On August 24, 2015, Gapla’s predecessor was born from the dream of one boy to create his very own country.

Today, that same country’s goal is to set up a civilization on terra nullius (unclaimed land) that we have claimed and found for ourselves.

Gapla’s first beginnings were humble: it was just a few children in a school, claiming parts of the school as territory. But they shared a common vision that lived on to create the professional nation of the Federated States of Gapla today. And that was a vision for justice, liberty, peace, and progress as core pillars of creating a nation: not ideological promises.

The Federated States of Gapla is not a libertarian tax haven. Nor is it a socialist paradise. But it isn’t really just centrist: it’s full of thinkers of different ideologies from all around the world with a common goal to form a new, just nation from basically no resources. Gapla is an example of a rare community in which people of greatly different ideologies (yes, although there are arguments) get along, think of each other as friends, and team up to build a truly unique nation.

From self-acclaimed communists and democratic socialists to traditionalist conservatives, from social democrats to right-wing libertarians, Gapla is truly a place of diverse political views but a unique sense of collaboration and community.

But the truth is that conditions were not always this good.

The predecessor of the Federated States of Gapla, the United Republics of Gapla and Phoenix, was founded in 2015, claiming a part of a school. It consisted of ID cards drawn from crayons and with not much to show for itself. As rivals came and go, Gapla-Phoenix was really the only nation that stood its ground. Soon, its population started to grow.

But after a few years, people started losing interest. It seemed like there was no point in this project, which was literally just a children’s game at the time. However, things were about to get much better with a pivotal event in Gaplan history, years after it had fallen into inactivity and was forgotten.

Then came a day that would transform Gapla forever: February 28, 2019.

February 28, 2019 marked the declaration of independence of Gapla from Gapla-Phoenix as the newly formed Principality of Gapla. Rediscovering his old documents in a file cabinet while moving, the boy who created Gapla four years ago, Wyatt Baek, would soon revive the Gapla into the Principality of Gapla.

Learning about Sealand through the internet while researching for a school project, he thought there was more he could do than just create a nation.

I didn’t just want to create a nation. In essence, I wanted to create more than that: I wanted to create a community of like minds who work together to truly build a nation instead of pointless discrimination based on ideology. I wanted a group of people who would really work for creating this country and justice.

Wyatt Baek, founder of modern Gapla

Soon after, he discovered that there was an unclaimed piece of territory not claimed by any other entity between Croatia and Serbia. Seizing the opportunity, he claimed the land for the Federated States of Gapla and Gapla’s goal today is to eventually settle the land and truly create a new country there.

And from then on, Gapla grew.

Wyatt’s original call for justice and the creation of a new nation rapidly expanded. Throughout the end of 2019, Gapla faced threats from school authorities (and later demands) that it cease all of its operations, inside and outside of the classroom. Brave heroes who now form the Order of the Gaplan Revolution stood up to these authorities and continued to persevere for Gapla.

While many conflicts, significant events, and milestones occurred in the history of Gapla, the focus of this article is not that. This article is about our story, not our history.

The story of Gapla is truly formed from the idea of one boy to create his very own country, formed from ideals of justice. And he did: after finding a piece of terra nullius (unclaimed land) in Europe as territory, his dream did very well come true. But there’s more than that: today, Gapla is a worldwide community of people who are really dedicated to building a new country.

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