Line of Succession

Read the official version of Gapla’s line of succession.

The line of succession is the path to the throne.

The line of succession is a list of people who are currently up next for the throne in case of the monarch being ineligible, a child, or being deceased. The line can be changed while the monarch is alive, for example, if they marry or have children.

The current line of succession

The current line of succession of the Federated States of Gapla’s monarchy runs as the following:

Current monarch: HRM Wyatt, Prince of Gaplastovia
Heir presumptive: HRH Renaldo, Prince of Folia Tail
Second in line: HRH Chelsea, Princess of Elemental
Third in line: HRH Emma, Princess of Emeralkia
Fourth in line: His Grace Shaun, Duke of Snakaris
Fifth in line: Her Grace Mirabelle, Duchess of Phoenix
Sixth in line: His Grace Brighton, Duke of Brighton Beach
Seventh in line: Her Grace Tessa, Duchess of Emeralkia
Eighth in line: Her Grace Eovnia, Duchess of Mogollon
Ninth in line: The Rt. Hon. Vera Sy, Marchioness of Phoenix
Tenth in line: The Rt. Hon. Bright Li, Marquess of Musicland

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