About our Territory

Learn about our territory, mainly the Princess Islands, but also about the Gaplan Antarctic Territory and some of our other territories.

While Gapla’s main territory is the Princess Islands, we have others.

The Princess Islands serve as our national hub and eventual goal for settlement, but we have also claimed other pieces of territory for the project. Other than the Princess Islands and Gaplan Antarctica, we ceremoniously claim the houses of mayors and governors as operation centers in exile.

The Princess Islands

The Princess Islands are a set of two islands we have claimed through the terra nullius doctrine (that is, since nobody laid claim to it, we have the right to claim it). It was from the Croatia-Serbia border dispute, in which no side claimed the islands. These are distinct from Liberland’s claims, as the islands are off the coast of their mainland.

Princess Emma Island

Scheduled to be the epicenter of Gaplan settlement, it is a small, 30-acre island in the middle of the Danube River. It is divided into many of our dominions (our subdivisions), who will administer the territory separately.

Princess Chelsea Island

This island is scheduled to be an immigration hub due to its accessibility from Liberland and its very small size, clocking in at about one whole acre. It will be administered by the Dominion of Elemental.

Gaplan Antarctica

A special administrative region of the Federated States of Gapla, Gaplan Antarctica serves as our official Antarctic claim and is home to the Prince Wyatt Mountains and the Prince Renaldo Coast.

The land was claimed after a loophole was found in the claim text of an Antarctic claimant.

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