Titles, Orders, and Awards

Royal and Noble Titles


  • Emperor or Empress: the divine person of the holy trinity.
  • Sovereign Prince or Sovereign Princess: the highest title humanly attainable, the Federated States of Gapla’s sovereign and head of state on Earth.
  • Grand Prince or Grand Princess: only one of these royals from each gender are selected from each of the finest Princes and Princesses.
  • Prince or Princess: a much wanted title, very high in rank
  • Grand Duke or Grand Duchess: someone scheduled to become a Prince or Princess when the spot opens.


  • Duke or Duchess: the highest of the noble titles, a great honour and distinction.
  • Marquess or Marchioness: a title above Earl or Laflet and below Duke or Duchess: just enough honour and nobility but not enough for greed.
  • Earl or Laflet: also a noble title, the holder bears the second rank of Gaplan nobility
  • Baron or Baroness: the lowest title of the nobility: although not to be forgotten

Royal Orders (Knighthoods and Dameships)

Standard Orders

  • Order of the House of Baek (OHB)
    Awarded by Sovereign Prince Wyatt Seungri Baek for contributions to Gaplan welfare and loyalty.
  • Order of the White Lion of Pureness (OWP)
    Awarded by Grand Prince Renaldo Chang for contributions to Folia Tail and general Gaplan welfare.
  • Illustrious Order of the Pen (IOP)
    Awarded by Princess Eovnia Pual for Contributions to Gapla.
  • Order of Alanian-Elementalian Recognition (OAE)
    Awarded by Grand Princess Chelsea Chen for recognition in Elementalian and Gaplan affairs.
  • Significant Contributions to Gapla (SCG)
    Awarded for Significant Contributions to Gapla by the Royal Committee. Formerly a Distinguished Order, it has been demoted to a Standard Order by the Royal Committee.

Distinguished Orders

  • Heroes of the Revolution of the Federated States of Gapla (HRFSG)
    Awarded to the people who participated directly in the Gaplan Revolution, defeating the evil Michael Hubbard who tried to stop Gapla’s noble plans.
  • Leaflet of Gaplan Fortune (LGF)
    Awarded to people who were always loyal, has never swayed, and were always active in Gapla, even when we were little.
  • Order of the Founder of Gapla (OFG)
    Awarded to all who helped in the first foundations of the Federated States of Gapla.
  • Order of Bravery for Gapla (OBG)
    Given to people who have been brave in standing up for Gapla in its morals and national identity. A huge honour, often referred to as a “Junior HRFSG.”


The following is a list of Distinguished Orders and their ribbon bars and medals.
Please note that Standard Orders currently do not have ribbon bars or medals.

AbbreviationOrder nameRibbon barMedal
HRFSGHeroes of the Revolution
of the Federated States of Gapla
OFGOrder of the Founder of Gapla
OBGOrder of Bravery for Gapla
LGFLeaflet of Gaplan Fortune