go.gaplagov.org Error Page

Note: This is the 404 not found error page for GO.GAPLAGOV.ORG links that do not exist.

GO.GAPLAGOV.ORG is a subdomain used to shorten URLs related to Gapla, such as forms and documents, that are too long. For example, a Google Doc with a long URL cannot be just pasted: that would look unprofessional. Shortening it with a third-party URL shortener would also look unprofessional.

Therefore, we created GO.GAPLAGOV.ORG to shorten Government links: all links shortened to this address are valid government links.

Have an Issue?

If you followed a government link and got this page, please contact us. Furthermore, if you have any suggestions or quesitons related to Gapla and GO.GAPLAGOV.ORG, feel free to contact us at info@gaplagov.org.