Government Websites

View a comprehensive listing of Gaplan government websites.

Notice: Some websites on this page are a work in progress, or are scheduled to be redesigned. They will be marked as such.

Federal Digital Assets
Main Website:
Secure Portal:
Internal Search Engine:
Email Service:
Authoritative Symbols Page:
Webmaster Portal:
Domain Redirection Service:
Government Intranet:

Federal Dominions
Dominion of Elemental:
Dominion of Folia Tail:
Dominion of Emeralkia:
Dominion of Snakaris:
Dominion of Phoenix:
Dominion of Gaplastovia:
Other Government Websites
National Academy: (awaiting redesign)
Federal Court System:
His Majesty’s Armed Forces:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
Bank of Gapla:
National Assembly:
His Majesty’s Postal Service:
Digital Postage Stamp Issuer:
Monarchy of Gapla:
His Majesty’s Tourism Bureau:
Weather Forecast:
Election Results:

Upcoming Government Websites
Federal Orders and Awards:

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