About our Country

Learn about our country, how it is even possible, and a detailed explanation of how it works.

Gapla is a new country in Europe, but we’re more of a community building a country.

This can be extremely confusing, seeing as you probably have almost no exposure to something like this, but this page will explain how our land was obtained and who we are as a country and a community.

If you would like to read even more about Gapla, a great resource is our MicroWiki page, updated by our community.


Acres of Land

While we have more land externally, 155 acres makes up the heart of our country: our Danubian territories.


Registered Citizens

We have more than 350 registered citizens, however, not all of them will be allowed entry once the settlement is complete.


Years of History

While Gapla’s current form was founded 4 years ago, the first mention of Gapla as a country was eight years ago.



We have been tacit recognized by 2 major countries: the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Swiss Confederation (Switzerland).

How is this even possible?

Are you curious as to how Gapla even has its land? Here are four principles to help you understand what Gapla really is.

Gapla is more of a project to start a nation than one already existing.

While we are technically already a nation, as we have a defined territory and meet the requirements to be a country, practically, our territory is uninhabited and the only way Gapla will be possible is through the support of contributors, who help the country by becoming a part of its political structure, helping chart the land, and even designing the website you are viewing right now.

Gapla got its land through a legal principle known as terra nullius.

Terra nullius is the idea that if nobody claims a piece of territory, then it is up for grabs. While it may seem strange, this is a commonly accepted principle that has been used by many nations in claiming their territory.

Our claims are distinct from others in the area, and is valid because it is the first.

Many other new nation projects, such as Liberland, claim parts of the border dispute region. However, we do not claim the entirety of the border dispute, only the parts we were able to claim first. If you’re interested in the exact government position on the claims of the land and legal information regarding them, please visit our FAQ page.

We are a community-driven, not-for-profit project nation.

Gapla is not run by one person, and is not profit driven. We are a community-driven nation, and financial contributions are never expected. While we do have generous donors that give large amounts of money to make the project possible, they do not receive tangible benefits or positions just because of the contribution, although it is greatly appreciated.

Curious about our government?

We have an entire category on our website for that! Please hover over the “Government” tab in the main menu to find the pages with detailed information about our government structure, including announcements from government officials.

A brief national history

If you would like to learn more about our history, navigate to the “National History” page for an in-depth overview.

August 2015

Gapla-Phoenix is founded

The United Republics of Gapla and Phoenix, commonly known as Gapla-Phoenix, was a very early predecessor of the Federated States of Gapla.

August 2015

February 2019

Revival and restoration

Gapla is revived and restored by national reviver Wyatt Baek, who led the process in restoring the nation to a more modern identity as it is today.

February 2019

August 2019

The Gaplan Revolution

A famous part of Gaplan history in which Gapla fought for its right to operate from authorities, the revolution was won by Gapla and it earned its right to operate.

August 2019


Gaplans work towards settlement

Our eventual goal, settlement of the territory, is a long-term goal we are always working towards. You can help us with this goal, and have exciting opportunities on the way!


Ready to join?

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