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About the State

The Federated States of Gapla is a sovereign state founded on February 28, 2019, as the successor to the United Republics of Gapla and Phoenix, which was in turn founded on August 24, 2015. We primarily claim a piece of unclaimed land in Europe.

With Gapla-Phoenix revived into the Federated States of Gapla in early 2019, the nation has grown exponentially into a worldwide, notable new-nation project. As of December 2022, the Federated States of Gapla has over 350 citizens from all over the world: the United States, Japan, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Switzerland, and Canada are a few examples.

While not originally, we are an Antarctic micronation, claiming a ten-degree sector of Antarctica to justify our statehood. Unlike many other micronational Antarctic claims, it has a real basis and is unclaimed by any other notable micronation or sovereign state other than Gapla. Our motto, “Erit Ergo Justitia,” displays some of our fundamental founding principles. It translates to “Justice Will be Served” in Latin, signifying one of our founding principles: the thirst for justice.

We differ from other micronations in our professionality and uniqueness. We are dedicated to this project to build a new nation to make the world a much better place, and we treat ourselves just like any other nation would govern their country. We are also serious about the project: hundreds if not thousands of dollars have been poured into this project.


National Flag

The flag of the Federated States of Gapla has changed only once, on the 13th of February, 2021, because we needed to standardize the flag size. The background Gapla Blue color represents the people, the Gapla Red cross represents the pride of the people, the Gapla Orange represents National Assembly, and the yellow star represents the nation. The parts that are touching mean that it is affecting the other area.

The red touches all of the areas, because the pride of the people is made from the people, gives people to National Assembly and the Association of Ministries, and affects the nation.

The orange represents the National Assembly, which most closely touches the star. The orange also is made from the pride of the people and the people.

This yellow star is the government, and touches everything except for the blue, because citizens cannot change the government alone. It is touching the orange because National Assembly can change the government. It is touching the red because the pride of the people can change the government.

Other Symbols

The coat of arms is below.

It is emblazoned with the motto “Erit Ergo Justitia.”

The National Seal is below.

This is the government seal of Gapla.

The heraldic representation of the Sovereign Crown is below.

This is the heraldic representation of the Sovereign Crown, used on logos and such. This is not a perfectly accurate representations and more unrealistic gold versions may be used on newer Coats of Arms, and outdated crowns may be used on the old ones widely in use.

National Anthem

The National Anthem of the Federated States of Gapla is a excerpt from the Romeo and Juliet Overture by Pyotr Ilych Tchaivosky.

Citizens should stand and put their hands to their hearts (American-style) in the case of one, two, or three members of the audience, and put their arms around each other’s necks (Russian-style) in case of more. If there are too many people and they cannot fit in one line, any style may be used per-line. However, no allegiance can be mandated by the government, as Gapla is a free nation.

The following is the official audio version of the national anthem.


Gapla Dollars (G$, GPD) are a powerful currency controlled by the Bank of Gapla. The Bank of Gapla can be accessed by clicking this link. In that website, you can find more information about the Gapla Dollar.

You can view more information about the Gapla Dollar on its MicroWiki page, which you can view here.



Pheonix One of the three Original Union Day states, joining the union on March 7, 2019. This state has been known to love peace and unity.​

Snake One of the three Original Union Day states, joining the union on March 7, 2019. This state has been known to love power.​

​Emeralkia After Gapla wouldn’t let Emeralkia in, Emeralkia protested and eventually got admission to the union. It is now divided into two sections, North and South.​

Folia Tail Formerly Chickenopolis and Katolis, then Delsgade, this state is a name changer. Very ambitious and currently gaining power.

Elemental Elemental is a state very fond of Music, Gems and Natural Elements. Elemental holds all of the Gapla National Music Competition and is home to the National Orchestra and Choir of Gapla.


Syopolis Syopolis is a state that started weak, but grew its power. It rivals Snake.

Kingdom City A very independent acting state, Kingdom City has fought many disputes with Snake, Emeralkia and Syopolis. Emeralkia once tried to rename Kingdom City to Highway 81. This attempt was failed because of Snake forces. The state is now divided into two sections: Downtown Kingdom City and Ruby Kingdom.

Asmiland Asmiland is a very independent state, as Asmiland is the rival of Kingdom City, but gets along well with it.

Daisy Daisy is accused of being a “decoy” of Syopolis. Syopolis and Daisy deny this.

Musicland Musicland is a music-loving state, hence its name and its music fillled flag. The Gapla National Music Administration is headquartered in… *drumroll…* ELEMENTAL!

Territoria A catch-all state of Gapla, it stores former territories and regions of significant history such as Ozzah, Xadia, and Liberty Island, as well as the capital city, New Gaplastovia (formerly in Elemental).

Sweet Falls A relatively new territory, ambitious in its goals.

Mogollon A state that is new, but big in land, power, and influence.

Pain A new state, fairly sarcastic, with great potential and a Discord Server.

Kokichi’s Kingdom Formed from members of the Kingdom of H, and originally a Hangout club, this state has a decent population that will help it grow.

Special Administrative Regions

Gaplan Antarctica Claimed (with justification) by Wyatt Baek to create a Gaplan Antarctic territories. One of the few micronational Antarctic territories with a good justification.

Ote Land A fairly recent Special Administrative Region created by members of the Bob Crew as they joined Gapla.

New Olympia A secret Special Administrative Region. No details are known about it, and a report is expected to come in January.

Union of Democratic Republics Often shortened to simply “UDR,” the Special Administrative Region with the largest population (approximately fifty people), it merged into the Federated States of Gapla through a treaty of integration on 25 December 2022. It used to be an independent micronation with good relations with Gapla.

Vallarosia A new and ambitious micronation that has joined Gapla in order to grow.