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Two Special Messages

Chelsea Chen

Renaldo Chang

A Special Message from Renaldo Chang, Governor of Folia Tail

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Shaun Murzello

“Gapla is a close to perfect country. That’s the reason I chose to help found it. While other countries like the US discriminate against people by putting pointless age restrictions, Gapla is the country that makes voting based on intelligence. It’s the country that makes sense.”

Chelsea Chen

“Gapla was created because the founder saw the faults in this world and how bad the place was where he lived. For example, America. America promises new chances and the “American Dream” but in that dream they left out basically anyone who was different. If you were an immigrant, especially if you were black, you were treated horribly.

They gave us a fake promise. The faults of this world aren’t unclear for the current Gaplan leadership, they strive to make Gapla the leading place for the real promise, a place where segregation and unfair judgement is removed, a place where mankind can finally improve the faults they’ve had since the very beginning. Erit Ergo Justitia!”

Wyatt Baek

“Gapla is the country of peace, justice, and liberty. Unlike the United States, there is no electoral college, which messes with voting results, has a simple government that regular citizens can understand, and has a unique voting system that was proven to give better results according to the will of the people.

Why can’t smart children vote but dumb adults vote? In the United States, there is still injustice. Everyone is equal, no matter your race, color, or gender. There is no discrimination. Join Gapla and be free!”

Renaldo Chang

“The one reason that I joined Gapla from its humble beginnings at an elementary school is because Gapla is the place where you can create a state free of charge and regardless of how old you are. You can wage war on other people’s states including your own friends’ states. Join Gapla now to create a state and join the powerful state of Folia Tail!”

Pictures of Gapla

New Gaplastovia

Big thanks to Ken Yongwoo Baek, our national photography officer, for taking most of these beautiful pictures!


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