Office Locations

Learn about the locations of Gapla’s offices and information about them.

Gaplan Assembly House and Courtroom
Do not send mail here! Only arrive here if you are an authorized member of the National Assembly at the appointment time. Why?

2372 Morse Avenue
Irvine, California 92614
United States of America

Representative Office of Gapla in the United States
Do not send mail here! Only arrive here if you have booked an appointment. Why?

17901 Von Karman Avenue
Suite 600
Irvine, California 92614
United States of America

FSG Official Mailcenter
You may send mail here! This is our mailcenter. Why do we use a mailcenter?

Coming VERY soon, be on the lookout for the next few days!


Information about Mail and Appointments (please read carefully!)

  • Due to spam reduction procedures, you CANNOT send mail directly to our Assembly House and Courtroom or our Representative Office. Please use the complete address, all lines of it, to send mail to us, or it will be rejected.
  • We CANNOT always be at the office or Assembly House and Courtroom as we do not have many employees willing to work full-time.
  • We DO NOT accept appointments for the Assembly House and Courtroom. If you are a member of the Executive Council (or sometimes the Chamber of Representatives), you will recieve instructions on how to get to our room.
  • Please note that we DO NOT own the Assembly House and Courtroom. We are renting it on an hourly basis.
  • However, we DO OWN the Representative Office full-time, but you still CANNOT arrive without an appointment due to the reasons stated above.
  • Because we value the time and effort of our Representative Officers and in an attempt to reduce spam, if you would like to book an appointment to the Representative Office, there is a $10.00 USD fee. This fee may be waived if you have important business. Appointments are 30 minutes each and are usually unextendible.
  • We don’t own the entire address, you will be guided to the room upon appointment.

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