About our Government

Learn about how our government works and how it helps our citizens.

Gapla has a simple, easy to understand government structure.

Our government structure was designed in an easy to understand manner to make sure our citizens can easily access our government and understand our politics, which ensures a fair, free, and transparent governing process.

The four branches of government

Gapla’s government has four branches. Learn about each one, its roles, and how it operates.

Constitutionally, the Executive and Legislative branches form the Federal branch, for three branches of government, but these two organs of branches operate independently in practice.

The Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is headed by the President of the Federated States of Gapla, who is the head of government in Gapla. They are elected directly by the populate in annual presidential elections. In addition, officers such as the Deputy President reside in the Executive.

Within the Executive, two other structures exist – ministries and government organs. Ministries are direct parts of the executive that are responsible for certain tasks, such as architecture, education, or technology. Government organs are autonomous organizations with work for the government, such as the postal service.

The Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is headed by the Supreme Court and consists of Gapla’s court system. There are two levels of courts in Gapla, as Gapla is a small nation: the Supreme Court and courts of dominion, which are courts located in all six Gaplan dominions, in Gaplan Antarctica, one in the rest of the Gaplan ARs, and in the Autonomous Duchy of Brighton Beach, for a total of nine courts of dominion.

Cases contested in courts of dominion that are accepted by the Supreme Court are tried there.

The Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch consists of the National Assembly, a de facto bicameral legislature consisting of the Chamber of Representatives (the lower house) and the Federation Council (the upper house). The Federation Council consists of the Speaker of the National Assembly, the Leader of the Opposition, President, and Deputy President.

Unlike in many countries, the elected members of the Executive Branch play a role in the legislative branch.

The Royal Branch

The Royal Branch consists of the Gaplan monarchy, led by the Sovereign Prince and the five other princes and princesses of their respective dominions. The Sovereign Prince has the full power to reorganize the Royal Branch, its titles, and its members, except for the princes and princesses of dominion.

Ministries, government bureaus, offices

The following is a listing of Gaplan ministries, government bureaus, and offices:

Ministries (9): Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Technology, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of State Identity, Ministry of Architecture, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of the Armed Forces, Ministry of Finance

Government Bureaus (9): Federal News Service, His Majesty’s Postal Service, Federal Outreach Service, Federal Hiring Service, Royal Title Service, Federal Election Commission, His Majesty’s College of Arms, His Majesty’s Tourism Bureau, Intelligence Agency of the Gaplan Federation

Offices (5): Office of the President, Office of the Deputy President, Office of the Legislative Speaker (Speaker of the National Assembly), Office of the Opposition Leader (Leader of the Opposition), Office of the Sovereign Prince

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