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Gapla, formally known as the Federated States of Gapla, is an exciting newborn country nestled in a European terra nullius, snugly located between Serbia and Croatia. Our nation comprises two enchanting islands, aptly named the Princess Islands, along with a smattering of other charming pockets of land. Experience a vibrant culture, a plethora of activities, and a unique territory straddling the Serbia-Croatia border. But Gapla is not just about land; it’s about building a dream.

Born from the unclaimed fragments of land in a border dispute, we’ve harnessed these lands to fuel our vision of creating a brand-new nation. In fact, we’re the pioneering project to claim this territory in a legitimate and recognized manner. Our mission is straightforward: to foster a thriving digital diaspora, consistently enhancing Gapla’s political landscape, digital interfaces, and more.

As a token of our appreciation, early contributors receive coveted passports, noble titles, and exclusive land grants. Our ultimate aim? To establish a tangible presence on this territory, potentially crafting a vibrant city, before we fully take ownership of the land we’ve legally claimed.

But beyond all else, Gapla is a remarkable community of dedicated individuals who are passionately shaping the destiny of a new nation. Join us on this incredible journey, and be a part of history in the making!

Your Adventure in Gapla

Explore the myriad of thrilling pathways within Gapla, each one leading to the collective mission of constructing a new nation.

In Gapla, the journey to nation-building is diverse and teeming with possibilities. You can choose to become a part of the monarchy or government, kickstart a thriving business venture, venture out to chart our physical territory, establish a vibrant city, or even seize the opportunity to become an elected representative. With numerous ministries and bureaus at your disposal, Gapla is committed to helping you pursue your passions, whether it’s carving out a prosperous business empire or fulfilling your dream of becoming a real-life princess (yes, you read that correctly!).

Gapla is more than just a nation; it’s a worldwide community of kindred spirits passionately dedicated to crafting something truly extraordinary. Our community is not only deeply rewarding, but it also offers you the chance to contribute to the creation of a new country from the ground up while being recognized and rewarded every step of the way.

Join Gapla today and be a part of this remarkable journey towards building something extraordinary!

Become a Gaplan citizen

Gaplan citizens are eligible to communicate with like-minded individuals in the national forum, earn Gapla Dollars (the national currency), start a business, start a city, or become elected as representatives.

Learn about our nation

Before you can be involved in anything significant, you will need to learn about our nation, its principles, and some of our national history. The course is very short and usually takes a few weeks to complete.

Learn about ways to get involved

Once you complete the basic orientation course, Gaplans are now eligible to start adventures of their own – by contributing to the cause of our nation. If you choose to, you may even visit it and contribute physically, but this is far from the only path to get involved – there are many exciting opportunities.

Get involved!

Once you’ve learned about our nation and the ways to get involved, it’s time to contribute to our nation in a way that’s right for you. There are so many opportunities to unlock, and you can always switch to another opportunity, such as appearing on our podcast, the GaplaTalks, or becoming an ambassador.

Explore our Beautiful Nation

Discover our unique nation! Nestled along the Danube River, we boast two enchanting islands and charming pockets of land on the right bank. Watch our captivating video to explore the Federated States of Gapla and neighboring countries, including Liberland. Dive in and savor the experience!

More than (Just) a Nation

Gapla is more than a nation; we’re a thriving community of kindred spirits on an extraordinary journey. As we work passionately to create a new country on unclaimed territory, we embrace the joy of the process, ensuring everyone can actively participate in shaping our nation.

There’s always something happening in Gapla! Name streets and cities, connect with diplomats, make beautiful music with our National Orchestra, engage in lively conversations with fellow citizens, take charge of your own state, and so much more.

Your journey begins here. Apply for Gaplan citizenship and become an integral part of our mission to build a new country. Let’s make history together!

Hear from our Citizens

Gapla was created because the founder saw the faults in this world and how bad the place was where he lived. For example, America. America promises new chances and the “American Dream” but in that dream they left out basically anyone who was different. If you were an immigrant, especially if you were black, you were treated horribly.

They gave us a fake promise. The faults of this world aren’t unclear for the current Gaplan leadership, they strive to make Gapla the leading place for the real promise, a place where segregation and unfair judgement is removed, a place where mankind can finally improve the faults they’ve had since the very beginning. Erit Ergo Justitia!

Chelsea ChenDeputy President of Gapla
Acclaimed Violinist

Gapla is a close to perfect country. That’s the reason I chose to help found it.

While other countries like the US discriminate against people by putting pointless age restrictions, Gapla is the country that makes voting based on intelligence. It’s the country that makes sense.

Shaun Madillo*Dominion Governor
*Last name is a pseudonym.

Gapla is the country of peace, justice, and liberty.

Unlike the United States, there is no electoral college, which messes with voting results, has a simple government that regular citizens can understand, and has a unique voting system that was proven to give better results according to the will of the people.

In the United States, there is still injustice. In Gapla, everyone is equal, no matter your race, color, or gender. There is no discrimination. Join Gapla and be free!

Wyatt BaekMember of Parliament
International Mathematics Competitor

We’re so excited to see you here!

Applying for citizenship is 100% free of charge. Join the Gapla community by applying for citizenship using the button below. Adventures, opportunities, and friendships await you!