Become a part of something more…

Build the future with the Federated States of Gapla, a newborn country located on terra nullius located in Europe that you can help build. We pride ourselves in our diversity of political thought, being accessible and easy to contribute to, and having real terra nullius justifying our claim to statehood.

What is Gapla?

Our goal is to build something unique and exciting.

Gapla is a project to create a new country between Serbia and Croatia, that you can help contribute to. Founded from a small piece of land that was left unclaimed by both sides in a border dispute, and we used it to further our ideals of starting a brand new country. We are the first project to claim such territory in a manner that is still valid.

Our goals are simple and straightforward: to first create a digital diaspora, working to constantly improve Gapla in its politics, digital interface, and much more. Early contributors are rewarded with passports, titles of nobility, and land grants. The eventual goal is to settle the territory, although that does not expect to be achieved in the near future, or at least to build a small physical city as a temporary territory.

Name streets. Experience royalty. Build states. Get elected. Change the world.

Not just a micronation. Much more than most other micronations.

Gapla is a worldwide community of like minds, not just a micronation, that’s dedicated to truly building something unique. We are a very rewarding community in which you can build a new country from the ground up and be rewarded along the way!

An invitation to something more…

Gapla has been featured on conferences which have been featured by major media organizations, including but not limited to the ones below. In addition, our former President and Sovereign Prince have been interviewed by a former reporter for The Guardian!

In addition, some of our most notable citizens include:

  • A nationally and internationally acclaimed violinist, who has played in a division of the largest professional orchestra in Orange County. She has played for a variety of consul members, including from P.R. China and Japan, and in famous venues such as the Richard Nixon Presidential Library, Segerstrom Center for the Arts, and New York City’s Carnegie Hall.
  • An internationally competitive mathematics competitor, who won a Gold medal in the Russian Mathematics Olympiad and proceeded to win another Gold at the International Mathematics Contest. In addition, he was ranked second place in the United States’s annual Mathematics Kangaroo, just a year before joining Gapla.

In addition, Gapla’s youngest citizens attend some of the best high schools in the world, including Harvard-Westlake School, the Orange County School of the Arts, and more.

Why contribute to Gapla?

Our goal is to build a new country from the ground up.

There’s so much to do: naming streets, competing in royal competitions, entering politics, owning a piece of our land, playing in our orchestra, creating your very own state, and much, much more…

Gapla is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help build a new country in an engaging, rewarding way. But most important of all, we’re not just a micronation: we’re a community.

Explore the Gaplan difference.

The Federated States of Gapla is different from most micronations: we have a diversity of political thought, ranging from bible-belt conservatives to Marxists and everywhere in between. But what unites us is our common goal: a better society.

Learn about what made us the most famous micronation in Orange County and experience this unique nation for yourself.

Official Discord Server

Our official Discord server hosts announcements, political debates, and everyday conversations. It’s a safe place to share your ideas and participate in Gapla. Click the button below to join!

Innovative Action Portal

Our National Action Portal you a way to become an ambassador, a Gaplan representative, governor, elected official, or entrepreneur very easily and with helpful guidance along the way. You’ll recieve a secret link to access it once you apply for citizenship.

Zero Paywalls

The Federated States of Gapla, while we raise money and sell titles of nobility and merchandise, are committed to an idea of zero paywalls: all of our in-store items, citizenships, and future items such as passports and I.D. cards will be 100% earnable for free.

The Federated States of Gapla is…

A brand new nation

Gapla is situated on a piece of terra nullius (no man’s land) in Europe. Unlike many other micronations, we have a legitimate claim to this territory because we are the first valid claimant.

This terra nullius was in between a border dispute between Serbia and Croatia, where neither side (nor any recorded micronation) had a valid claim on this piece of territory. Both sides claimed a different border which excluded this territory, making it terra nullius and valid for us to claim.

Step 1. Create the basis of our country

We will construct Gapla’s flag, anthem, and other symbols to create the basis of our country..

Step 2. Virtual and physical diaspora

Soon, we will open up ambassadors for our external offices and send mass emails for recognition, as well as developing a professional image. We will build a virtual civilization and maybe an external diaspora.

Step 3. Settlement of territory

The final step is to settle our territory and eventually become a recognized country. Gapla’s first cities will be built.

You’ll never be bored.

There’s always things to do here: naming streets and cities, contacting diplomats, playing music for our National Orchestra, chatting with other citizens, managing your own state, and so much more. All while helping us create a new country.

The opposite of “just another micronation”

Gapla is a micronation with serious goals, plans, and initiatives to build a brand, new, accessible, and active nation. We believe in justice, liberty, freedom, and progress for all.

Our country was built from a brave revolution that, if failed, could have ended our nation’s very existence. People like Wyatt Baek, Emma Bunnell, Vera Sy, and Renaldo Chang helped make justice possible. Learn about our history.

We’re not just another micronation: we’re serious about what we’re doing, have an extensive culture, history, reason for existing, and active community.

  • Main-net SPL token launched
  • Tacit recognition from two U.N. member states
  • Non-residential terra nullius land
  • Active Discord server
  • Lots of things to do and experience
  • People who are serious about the project

Gapla is waiting for you…

Learn more about Gapla by watching a short informational video.







Meet our citizens.

Meet our citizens who are happy with our nation founded on the blockchain and are excited for our global recognition.

Chelsea Chen
“Gapla was created because the founder saw the faults in this world and how bad the place was where he lived. For example, America. America promises new chances and the “American Dream” but in that dream they left out basically anyone who was different. If you were an immigrant, especially if you were black, you were treated horribly.

They gave us a fake promise. The faults of this world aren’t unclear for the current Gaplan leadership, they strive to make Gapla the leading place for the real promise, a place where segregation and unfair judgement is removed, a place where mankind can finally improve the faults they’ve had since the very beginning. Erit Ergo Justitia!”
Wyatt Baek
Sovereign Prince
“Gapla is the country of peace, justice, and liberty.

Unlike the United States, there is no electoral college, which messes with voting results, has a simple government that regular citizens can understand, and has a unique voting system that was proven to give better results according to the will of the people.

In the United States, there is still injustice. In Gapla, everyone is equal, no matter your race, color, or gender. There is no discrimination. Join Gapla and be free!”
Shaun Murzello
Superior State Governor
“Gapla is a close to perfect country. That’s the reason I chose to help found it.

While other countries like the US discriminate against people by putting pointless age restrictions, Gapla is the country that makes voting based on intelligence. It’s the country that makes sense.”

Join the most famous micronation in the Orange County area.

Gapla isn’t a libertarian tax haven or a socialist paradise, but we aren’t a whole wad of centrists either. True diversity of thought with unity in our goals is our highest ideal, not ideological uniformity and building a country off of that.

Apply for citizenship for no cost and enjoy all of its benefits as soon as you’re accepted!